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Logical-Lust Publications announces their latest anthology Spank! edited by noted erotica author and editor D. L. King.

Spank! is a collection of twenty erotic tales about the most intimate of corporal punishments—spanking. Some of the best authors of erotic stories have contributed to the anthology. Famous New York City disciplinarian and corporal consultant Ms. Cassandra Park provides the introduction to the anthology aptly titled “It’s a spanking – it’s supposed to hurt!”

As King says, “Spank! is quality fantasy fodder from the adorably sexy cover to the engaging, clever, smutty, funny, spanking-good erotica you’ll find inside, all the way to the adorably sexy back cover (if you purchase a print edition).  How could I go wrong with the likes of Lisabet Sarai, Kathleen Bradean, Donna George Storey, A.D.R. Forte, Cervo, Anna Black, Sean Meriwether, Beth Wylde, Sacchi Green, J. Z. Sharpe, Jessica Lennox, Allison Wonderland, Jean Roberta, Lee Ash, Maggie Morton, Tara S. Nichols, Sommer Marsden, Roxy Katt, and Evan Mora?”

D. L. King is the editor of the Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Where the Girls Are.  Violet Blue gave King’s bestselling vampire anthology, The Sweetest Kiss, the number two position in her top ten Hottest Sex Books of 2009.

Spank! is available in print and several ebook formats and can found at,,, as well as many other print and ebook retailers. A blog tour featuring the contributors is in progress.  See D. L. King’s blog for the full tour schedule.

Visit the Spank! page at Logical-Lust Publications:

The Cougar Book – interview with D. L. King


All this month on the Logical-Lust blog we will have interviews from the authors of The Cougar Book, edited by Jolie du Pre. Today is D. L. King, author of “A Great Commute.”

D. L. King publishes and edits the review site, Erotica Revealed.  The editor of two, soon to be three, anthologies, find her in Best Women’s Erotica, Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica and many others. She is the author of two novels. Find her at

Could you see yourself being a cougar?

Could I see myself being a cougar?  Honey, I AM a cougar!  I particularly like sweet, young computer boys.  I’ve had, um, used, um, worked with two of them.  After the HTML is put to bed—well, let’s just say they can be quite flexible, at times, and rock-solid when you need them to be.

Tell us about your story.  Give us a little teaser.

I live in New York and commute to and from work every day via subway.  That’s something with which I’m really familiar; all New Yorkers are.

Most of my best ideas come to me when my mind is in a relaxed state, like the period just before full wakefulness in the morning.  I usually doze on the train to work (because I’m not a morning person and want to get in that last hour of sleep…) and I often get ideas for stories.  The germ of an idea for this story came from a commute.  I was thinking about all the people I tended to see every day, and my mind naturally drifted to how nice it would be to see some hunky boy get on the train.  I just took it from there.

Here’s a short excerpt:

A Great Commute

“Ma’am is fine, Justin.  You can call me Ma’am if it makes you more comfortable.  Shall we?” I said.  I got up and walked out the door, turned right, and continued around the corner, sure Justin was following me.  I had a small boutique hotel in mind.  It wasn’t far, and I had a corporate account.  I stayed there on occasion, when I worked late, rather than make the commute home.

As we got closer to the hotel, I turned to see Justin following three steps behind me.  I took his hand, drawing him parallel, and put my arm around his waist.

“Good morning, Ms. Shepherd, nice to see you back with us,” the doorman said as we entered.  I could feel Justin’s intake of breath when he saw the lobby.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be all right.  I’ll just be a minute,” I said, leaving him to try to look without gawking.

We had the elevator to ourselves, and as soon as the doors closed, Justin closed in for a kiss.  And what a lovely, sweet kiss it was.  His tongue gently prodded my lips open and so sweetly explored my mouth as a hand tentatively slid its way up my body to my breast.  I allowed him to continue in this manner until we reached our floor.  As the doors opened, I wrapped my fingers around the front of his belt, inserting them between the leather and the denim, and then gently pulled him after me down the hall.  I held him like this while I opened the door, and then pushed him into the room, still holding onto his belt.

Once inside, I closed and locked the door behind us.  Pulling him along behind me, I opened the bathroom and looked inside—’cause that’s what you do—then continued on into the room.  All this time, Justin hadn’t made a sound.  I backed him up to the king-sized bed and forced him into a seated position.  Removing my fingers from his belt, I stroked his crotch and felt the growing bulge in his pants.  Giving it a squeeze, I buried my face in his neck and inhaled.

“Mmm, you smell nice.  You must have headed for the train fresh out of the shower.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, shivering as I licked his jaw.

“Be a good boy, and get out of those clothes while I call my office.”

(If you want more, you’ll have to buy the book!)

Does your writing turn you on?

Absolutely!  I was once told that if what I wrote turned me on, it would, most-likely, turn others on too.  I’d like to take that a little farther and say that I don’t believe I can hope to arouse any reader if what I’ve written doesn’t get me at least a little bit hot.

The Cougar Book release is in print and ebook formats.  With ebook readers becoming more and more popular, what are your views on ebooks and their effect on the publishing industry?

I love ebooks.  They’re convenient and a great source of instant gratification.  I’ve read tons of them on my Palm in the Mobipocket format and, now that I have an iPhone, I read them in ePub on Stanza.  And I haven’t just read a bunch of dirty books on electronic devices. I’ve read mainstream best sellers as well because of that whole instant gratification thing.

I like instant gratification.  You could probably tell that about me by reading a few of my stories.  Yep, I’m definitely the “Whirr, birr, thank you Sir” kind of gal.

But that doesn’t mean I think ebooks will be replacing print books.  I don’t believe that will happen, at least not in my lifetime.  I love books in print!  I like holding them and touching them and turning their pages.  I also like signing them for readers.  I’m glad The Cougar Book is being released in both print and e formats—something for everyone!

What do you find difficult about writing?  What comes easy for you?

Sometimes I find getting the initial idea for a story the most difficult thing.  As I mentioned earlier, sometimes ideas just come to me when I’m most relaxed.  Perhaps that’s the problem: I don’t get a chance to relax that often.

I’m also a big procrastinator and inherently lazy.  Yes, yes, it’s true, I am.  So most often I’d say the difficult part about writing is sitting down and actually getting started.

As far as easy, once I get started, if the story is engaging, things usually tick right along.  I write erotica exclusively so interestingly, perhaps, I often find the sex scenes the most difficult.  I can get really bogged down in the sex.  I’ll write like gangbusters, right up to the sex, and then take a break!  (That’s a little secret.  Don’t tell anyone, OK?)

What are you working on now?  Do you have a current release, or a new release, coming soon?

I’m in the middle of editing a spanking anthology for Logical Lust Publications as we speak!  It’s called, oddly enough, Spank! and I’m excited about it!  I’ve been reading some dynamite stories.  If you’re the least little bit into spanking, I think you’ll find it irresistible.

My latest anthology, The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica, from Cleis Press, was released this past October 1.  It’s been getting killer press and reviews, which I guess is appropriate for an erotic vampire anthology!

I’m writing stories that will, hopefully, turn up in various places, and I’m thinking about possibly writing another Melinoe book.

Where can we find you on the Web?  Do you have a website or blog(s)?  Any social networks?

Oh, boy, I’m all over the place!  I have a website that, among other things, lists my upcoming appearances and latest reviews.  Check it out at  I have a blog that I could keep up more regularly… Find it at  I can be found on Facebook (D L King), Twitter (d_l_king) and FetLife (D_L_King).  Come by and say hi.


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