Who vs. That

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So many words

Martha Punches discusses who vs. that.

Let’s be honest here. How many times have you been reading along, thoroughly enjoying your leisure reading time, and gotten jerked out of your concentration on the hot sex story/murderer being revealed/cliffhanger ending because the author has used THAT instead of WHO? Am I the only one who hates this? Nah, I can’t be.  (Wednesday Writing Tips: Who versus That )

Zombie Blog Hop: ‘Warm Bodies’


Warm Bodies

c/o Wasyliss/ Wikimedia Commons

Today is the Zombie Blog Hop at Precious Monsters.  Author Jolie du Pre chats about the new 2013 zombie movie “Warm Bodies.”

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Have you read Warm Bodies by 30 something author Isaac Marion? I haven’t, but I’ve added it to my “Want to Read” list at Goodreads. (I plan to read it after I finish 100 Unfortunate Days and Supernatural Freak.)

Who knows? I may hate it, just like I hated reading Meyer’s Twilight. However, I loved the “Twilight” movies, and based on what I’ve seen from the 2013 movie’s trailer, I’m sure I’ll love the film version of “Warm Bodies,” with the screenplay written by Jonathan Levine, who is also the director. (Read the rest at ‘Warm Bodies': Upcoming Zombie Movie)

Forget He Said, She Said

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BDSM collar back

Tiffany Reisz discusses dialogue.

Dialogue between characters creates the melody of a work of fiction. It sets the beat, sets the tone. Is your book masculine and moody? Then your dialogue should be spare and terse like Hemingway’s. Is your book playful and poetic? Then the dialogue in your book should be sprightly and witty. (Read the rest at Guest Author Tiffany Reisz: Forget He Said, She Said – Three Easy Tricks for Better Dialogue )

Do Erotica Authors Watch Porn for Inspiration?

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Author Karenna Colcroft asks erotica writers their thoughts on porn.


I’ve had several people suggest I watch porn, either for story inspiration or as a visual aid when I’m trying to describe sex scenes. I have to admit, I’ve never done so. Watching porn makes me uncomfortable, to be honest. I feel like I’m watching something I shouldn’t be seeing. Yeah, I have issues.

However, I know a number of authors who do watch porn to inspire them, help with sex scene choreography, or just because they like it. So I took to Facebookland to ask opinions from some of my fellow authors. Here’s what they had to say, quoted with permission. (Read the rest at Porn-spiration)

Don’t Say These Things to an Editor

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Editors are often the person you turn to, to protect your image, to ensure that your book is spot on and most of all, to make sure that you’re not missing something because you’re too close.  They’re the new set of eyes that every book *needs* before it’s released.  They’re not mean, and they’re not there to upset you (though, I know every author smarts a little bit after edits, even me).  But, by and large, there are some things that clients say that make us wince. (Read the rest at Five Things Not to Say to an Editor)

Why is sex writing such a challenge for authors?

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The lovers

Certainly not every book requires sex. Probably most do not, though I have not yet written that book myself. Many writers are not writing about people kissing, much less getting down to the serious business of sex. All that is fine.

But if a book turns in some way on the relationship between lovers, especially lovers who have only begun to know each other, or lovers who are falling away from each other, sex is an important part of the way they relate to each other. (Read the rest at Let’s Talk About Sex)

EBook Tagging on Amazon

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A while back we asked you all what topics you’d like to see us cover here at FTWA. One reader asked about eBook tagging on Amazon, and unfortunately none of us really knew anything in-depth about it. At least not in terms of what it does for the author, and the logic behind tagging parties/lists. I’ve finally come across some information about this, so the question can be answered! I’m not sure the original asker really needs the info anymore, since it was Ruth Cardello, who is busy blazing her own trail on Amazon and seeing some good success with her marketing tactics. For the rest of us, here are some important things to know about tagging on Amazon. (Read the rest HERE.)

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