Warm Bodies

c/o Wasyliss/ Wikimedia Commons

Today is the Zombie Blog Hop at Precious Monsters.  Author Jolie du Pre chats about the new 2013 zombie movie “Warm Bodies.”

* * *

Have you read Warm Bodies by 30 something author Isaac Marion? I haven’t, but I’ve added it to my “Want to Read” list at Goodreads. (I plan to read it after I finish 100 Unfortunate Days and Supernatural Freak.)

Who knows? I may hate it, just like I hated reading Meyer’s Twilight. However, I loved the “Twilight” movies, and based on what I’ve seen from the 2013 movie’s trailer, I’m sure I’ll love the film version of “Warm Bodies,” with the screenplay written by Jonathan Levine, who is also the director. (Read the rest at ‘Warm Bodies': Upcoming Zombie Movie)